Monthly Archives: November 2008

Sex crime defense – Orange County and Southern California

Being accused of any sex offense – child molestation, rape, indecent exposure or lewd acts – can be devastating.  Just the mere allegation alone, even if completely unfounded, can have a tremendous impact on you.  Police investigation, search warrants, and a possible arrest are all real threats. If convicted of most sex-related crimes, you will […]

What is a preliminary hearing?

If you are arrested for a felony in California, the question that is probably going through your head is, “Now what happens to me?”  Unless you make bail, you will remain in custody throughout your court case.  Your first court appearance is the arraignment.  (See this post for more information on the arraignment.)  After that, […]

Illegal searches – Search warrants

The Fourth Amendment is your Constitutional protection against illegal searches by the police.  It is based on the principle that you have a right to privacy and before the government (the police) can search, they must have legal justification.  You are not absolutely protected against all searches by the police.  The Fourth Amendment protects against […]

Interacting with the police

Another recent post sparked a comment and question from a visitor to my site.  He asked, “What orders of action can I refuse and what orders of actions am I required to perform?”  I get asked this question in various forms all the time. The answer depends on what your legal status is at that […]