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Misdemeanor criminal defense & procedure – Orange County

I have previously written about the stages of a felony prosecution, but what about a misdemeanor? Misdemeanors, such as DUI, assault & battery, petty theft (shoplifting), driving on a suspended license, some domestic violence charges and violations of court orders, have their own time line and procedures. You may not even have to appear in […]

Domestic violence charges and defenses

There are several “domestic violence” charges in California.  How they are treated and what your defenses are depend on the charge you face. Penal Code section 273.5 This is the “standard” domestic violence charge.  In order to prove this charge, the prosecution must prove that there was a willful infliction of a “corporal injury” that […]

Juvenile defense lawyer – Orange County

Orange County juvenile criminal defense FAQ’s In California, anyone under 18 is considered a minor.  In general, the goal of the juvenile justice system is rehabilitation, but that doesn’t mean the charges can’t be serious and have lasting effects. What happens when a child is arrested? The criminal laws apply to minors in the same […]

DUI Patrols – Orange County 2/13/09 – Criminal Defense Attorney Joe Dane

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department announced they will be conducting “roving patrols” in Dana Point, San Clemente and San Juan Capistrano tonight.  They are targeting drunk drivers (DUI). No specific times were announced, but you can assume it will be in the evening until early morning 2-14-09. As I have discussed before, just putting the […]

I was arrested in Orange County – do I need a defense attorney?

The short answer is yes.  Think about all that’s working against you already.  If the police think they had enough evidence to arrest you, your case is more than likely going to be referred to the District Attorney’s office for prosecution. So what should you do in the time period between when you were arrested […]