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Nordstrom…. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Have a look around my site.  I’m a criminal defense attorney.  My website is designed to give ordinary people that are looking for information about criminal law what they want – information about the crimes they or their loved ones are facing. But I’m also a human being. One that happens to be a lawyer.  […]

Theft crimes – Orange County defense attorney

It was the biggest mistake of your life.  “What was I thinking?” you ask yourself.  You were arrested for shoplifting and are now charged with petty theft.  What is going to happen to me?  Am I looking at jail time? I get calls all the time from people in just that situation. Theft is generally […]

Michael Phelps, marijuana and the Sheriff

The media and internet are all abuzz about a photo where Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps is alleged to have been smoking marijuana from a bong.  Apparently, Phelps made some vague admission about inappropriate behavior.  Personal views about marijuana, drugs, athletes and the media aside – what about basic criminal law and procedure? From the ABA […]

Miranda rights and intoxication

I was talking with a friend (a non-lawyer) the other day.  They asked me about the Miranda rights and whether or not the police were required to give them in any investigation, in traffic stops and in DUI investigations.  I’ve written here, here and here about the Miranda rights. He asked a follow-up question: “But […]