Monthly Archives: March 2010

DUI Checkpoint Friday 3/19/10 in San Clemente, Orange County

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department announced today that they’re conducting a “traffic safety” checkpoint in San Clemente this Friday night, March 19, 2010 between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m. Let’s face it, it’s a DUI checkpoint.  In their press release, they say that it’s also to check for people that are not […]

How long can you be detained by the police in Orange County?

Detention by the police People ask me often – “I was stopped by the police and they kept me for a really long time.  Can they do that?” The first question is:  Were you there voluntarily or were you detained?  That simple question can have huge impact on what the police can and can’t do, […]

St. Patrick’s Day – DUI Roving Patrols planned in Orange County

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department just announced that they’re planning a joint operation with the CHP to add extra “roving patrols” for DUI enforcement Wednesday, March 17, 2010 – St. Patrick’s Day. I’ve written about these “roving patrols” before – there are no special rules just because they call themselves a “DUI patrol.”  They must […]

Contacted by an investigator? Should you call back? – Orange County Defense

I got a card on my door – should I call this detective back? You get home from work one night and there’s a business card on your front door.  It’s from an investigator or detective from the police department.  There’s a hand-written note on the back, “Please call me.” What’s the harm in calling […]

Participants in a crime – Principals and Accessories (Penal Code 32) – Orange County

Who can be held responsible for a crime? There are two categories of people in a crime – principals and accessories. Principals: In general, principals are those that do the crime or those that do the crime or those that “aid and abet” in the commission. To aid and abet is to somehow facilitate, encourage […]