Monthly Archives: January 2011

Passengers rights in DUI checkpoint

With all the holiday DUI checkpoints that have occurred, I was asked recently about passengers’ rights.  For example, what if the police made observations about a passenger during a DUI checkpoint? As a passenger in a DUI checkpoint, you have the same rights as anyone else to challenge the legality of the checkpoint, the reasonableness […]

Pat down searches – Orange County Criminal Defense

When can the police pat you down?  How far can they go? A patdown search, sometimes called Terry search or a frisk is only authorized in certain circumstances.  If you want to see a perfect example of when it’s not supposed to happen, look at an old rerun of the TV show COPS.   Seems like […]

Arrested for DUI? What are your first steps? Orange County Defense

Law enforcement in Orange County was in full swing over the holiday period with DUI checkpoints, “saturation” patrols and being on high alert for suspected DUI drivers. If you found yourself caught up in a checkpoint or were pulled over and are now facing DUI charges, I’m sure you’re asking – Now what? First – […]