Monthly Archives: August 2012

Can they trace me by my license plate if I stole?

A question was recently asked about whether or not store security (a.k.a. “Loss Prevention”) could track somebody if they ran out and got into their car, but were followed.  To make matters potentially worse, loss prevention wanted them to come back into the store.  From there, the details matter. Can they track you with your […]

DUI, Driving on a suspended license and too many points – Negligent Operator

As if you didn’t have enough to worry about in a DUI case – license suspension, fines, probation, etc. – Be careful about getting too many “points” on your license. The DMV assesses a “point” value to traffic offenses.  While most moving violations such as running a stop sign, speeding and things like that are […]

Charged with a misdemeanor? You may not ever have to appear in court.

California Penal Code section 977 If you’re charged with a misdemeanor by the District Attorney or City Attorney’s office, you may never have to appear in court on your case.  The California Penal Code allows an attorney to appear on behalf of their client on most misdemeanors.  By retaining an attorney before your court date, […]