Monthly Archives: September 2012

Speedy trial rights and the 10 day rule

If you are ever in court and hear cases referred to as being on day “zero of ten” or ” ____ of 10″ – what does that mean? There are two typical scenarios where the ten days comes into play. First is for a preliminary hearing on a felony case, but that ten days is […]

Arrested for DUI and scheduled a DMV hearing – what does a “stay” mean?

If you were arrested for DUI and contacted the DMV within 10 days to schedule a hearing, they will send you a letter indicating that the suspension is “stayed” pending the outcome of the hearing. What does that mean? A “stay” on the suspension means that it is not being imposed at this time. Ordinarily, […]

How do I choose an attorney for my criminal case?

Is there such a thing as a “win-loss” record I can check? If you’re facing criminal charges of any sort and are looking for an attorney, how do you pick one?  Who is going to represent you in court?  Much like choosing any other professional – doctor, dentist, accountant – there is data and there […]