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Full DUI blitz underway in Orange County

DUI Checkpoints and Saturation patrols in Orange County now until Labor Day The Orange County Sheriff’s Department announced today that a “full force” DUI task force will be underway from now, September 21, 2015 through Labor Day (September 7, 2015).  There will be a DUI checkpoint tonight, but the location has not yet been disclosed. […]

DUI Patrols and checkpoints – Super Bowl weekend Sunday 2015

Increased DUI patrols for Super Bowl weekend in Orange County Like with every major holiday, big sporting events like the Super Bowl trigger increased DUI patrols. This year, the 2015 Super Bowl XLIX is no different. This year, the Orange County Sheriff’s Department is initiating their campaign – “Fans Don’t Let Fans Drive Drunk”.  Instead […]

DUI Checkpoint tonight in Orange County (December 20, 2012)

Checkpoint in Westminster tonight As previously announced, there will be a DUI and Driver’s License checkpoint tonight in Westminster from 7:00 pm until 3:00 tomorrow morning.  The specific location hasn’t been announced, but you can be pretty sure it will be on a major road.  There are certain procedures the police must follow in setting […]

Orange County DUI checkpoints December 2012

. The Orange County Sheriff’s Department has announced this year’s upcoming DUI checkpoint dates and locations.  They are also conducting extra “saturation patrols” and making an effort to serve outstanding DUI arrest warrants over this month. For information about your rights and DUI checkpoints, see the following links: What to do when pulled over for […]

Orange County DUI patrols ramping up

DUI Patrols are increasing The Orange County Sheriff’s Department has announced their annual increase in the number of officers on the street for their “DUI saturation” patrols. They are calling this crackdown a “zero tolerance” approach. That’s nice, but they’ve still got to follow the rules. You also have your rights. They have said that […]