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Arrested for DUI and scheduled a DMV hearing – what does a “stay” mean?

If you were arrested for DUI and contacted the DMV within 10 days to schedule a hearing, they will send you a letter indicating that the suspension is “stayed” pending the outcome of the hearing. What does that mean? A “stay” on the suspension means that it is not being imposed at this time. Ordinarily, […]

DUI, Driving on a suspended license and too many points – Negligent Operator

As if you didn’t have enough to worry about in a DUI case – license suspension, fines, probation, etc. – Be careful about getting too many “points” on your license. The DMV assesses a “point” value to traffic offenses.  While most moving violations such as running a stop sign, speeding and things like that are […]

Fourth of July Orange County DUI checkpoints and patrols

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department has just announced the upcoming DUI checkpoints and “saturation patrols” for the upcoming July 4th holiday period.  Here is the information on what they’re planning: DUI Checkpoint – Placentia Wednesday, July 4, 2012, the Placentia Police Department will be conducting a DUI/Driver’s license checkpoint from 6:00 pm until 2:00 am. […]

Some standard questions about DUI cases…

Why did they arrest me for DUI? Often, people are arrested for DUI and are absolutely perplexed why.  They don’t know why they were pulled over, don’t know what their blood alcohol results were, think they did well in the field sobriety tests, were never read their Miranda rights and yet there they are – […]

Friday, June 8 DUI patrols

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department announced DUI “saturation patrols” for Lake Forest, Mission Viejo and Rancho Santa Margarita tonight, June 8, 2012. While not a DUI checkpoint, that still means they will have extra units in the area looking for any justification to stop you and start sniffing around (literally) for a DUI investigation. For […]