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What is probation?

Probation in general: If a crime is eligible for probation, and the judge grants probation as part of the sentence, then whatever the maximum time for the crime is gets suspended and a grant of probation is ordered.  From there, the person would be told of certain conditions of probation – which may include county […]

Juvenile defense lawyer – Orange County

Orange County juvenile criminal defense FAQ’s In California, anyone under 18 is considered a minor.  In general, the goal of the juvenile justice system is rehabilitation, but that doesn’t mean the charges can’t be serious and have lasting effects. What happens when a child is arrested? The criminal laws apply to minors in the same […]

I was arrested in Orange County – do I need a defense attorney?

The short answer is yes.  Think about all that’s working against you already.  If the police think they had enough evidence to arrest you, your case is more than likely going to be referred to the District Attorney’s office for prosecution. So what should you do in the time period between when you were arrested […]

What are the laws about knives in California?

Unless you’re asking about carrying a knife in specific areas that are prohibited (schools, courthouses, some governmental offices, etc.), the two laws you need to know are Penal Code sections 12020 and 653k. Penal Code section 12020(a) 21310 (that is the new code section) makes it a felony to carry a “dirk or dagger” concealed […]

I was arrested, but bailed out. No charges were filed by my court date – now what?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re free. The District Attorney has, in most cases, up to three years from the date of the crime to file felony charges and up to a year to file misdemeanor charges. It just means that for some reason, your case was not filed by the date you were told […]