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Driving on a suspended license (Vehicle Code section 14601) – Orange County

Vehicle Code 14601 (Driving on a suspended license) cases: The California Vehicle Code makes it illegal to drive while your license is suspended by the DMV.  The possible penalties (fines, jail time, etc) depend on why your license was suspended, what specific code section you’re charged with, whether or not you can get your license […]

DUI Patrols – Orange County 2/13/09 – Criminal Defense Attorney Joe Dane

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department announced they will be conducting “roving patrols” in Dana Point, San Clemente and San Juan Capistrano tonight.  They are targeting drunk drivers (DUI). No specific times were announced, but you can assume it will be in the evening until early morning 2-14-09. As I have discussed before, just putting the […]

Nordstrom…. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Have a look around my site.  I’m a criminal defense attorney.  My website is designed to give ordinary people that are looking for information about criminal law what they want – information about the crimes they or their loved ones are facing. But I’m also a human being. One that happens to be a lawyer.  […]

Theft crimes – Orange County defense attorney

It was the biggest mistake of your life.  “What was I thinking?” you ask yourself.  You were arrested for shoplifting and are now charged with petty theft.  What is going to happen to me?  Am I looking at jail time? I get calls all the time from people in just that situation. Theft is generally […]

Teaching at Solo Practice University

Today, I was announced as the latest in a growing number of working attorneys that are on the faculty at Solo Practice University – a truly unique resource that reflects today’s legal practice. Solo Practice University (SPU) is a much-needed bridge between where you are (law student or attorney at a large firm) and where […]