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Full DUI blitz underway in Orange County

DUI Checkpoints and Saturation patrols in Orange County now until Labor Day The Orange County Sheriff’s Department announced today that a “full force” DUI task force will be underway from now, September 21, 2015 through Labor Day (September 7, 2015).  There will be a DUI checkpoint tonight, but the location has not yet been disclosed. […]

Arrested for DUI and scheduled a DMV hearing – what does a “stay” mean?

If you were arrested for DUI and contacted the DMV within 10 days to schedule a hearing, they will send you a letter indicating that the suspension is “stayed” pending the outcome of the hearing. What does that mean? A “stay” on the suspension means that it is not being imposed at this time. Ordinarily, […]

Some standard questions about DUI cases…

Why did they arrest me for DUI? Often, people are arrested for DUI and are absolutely perplexed why.  They don’t know why they were pulled over, don’t know what their blood alcohol results were, think they did well in the field sobriety tests, were never read their Miranda rights and yet there they are – […]

What to do when pulled over for DUI

My answer will be based on several things: California law (based on my experience as a cop, a prosecutor, a defense attorney and an instructor at a police academy), common sense and tidbits for thought. First – California law. There are two different charges for DUI – 23152(a) and 23152(b) of the Vehicle Code. The […]

DUI Checkpoints – Fourth of July weekend in Orange County

As expected, Orange County police and sheriffs are gearing up for extra DUI patrols this holiday weekend.  The Orange County Sheriff’s Department announced today that DUI checkpoints will be conducted in Brea, Aliso Viejo and Irvine. On Friday, July 1, The Brea Police Department will conduct a DUI checkpoint from 7:00 p.m. until 3:00 a.m. […]