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What’s the difference between grand theft and petty theft? Orange County defense

Under California law, theft is generally divided into two categories:  Grand Theft and Petty Theft. Theft is defined as taking the property of another with the intent to permanently deprive them of their property (Penal Code section 484).  Which version of theft depends on the value of the property, the way it was taken or […]

Theft & Shoplifting – FAQ (Orange County theft defense)

I have spoken with several people who have asked what the differences between petty theft, shoplifting and burglary are.  While all these theft crimes are related, how they’re charged, what the prosecution must prove and the consequences vary, depending on the charge. Petty Theft (Penal Code section 484 or 488) This is a “basic” theft […]

Shoplifting and theft defense – California (Orange and L.A. County)

Shoplifting (or “petty theft”) is one of the most frequent crimes people ask me about. The story is usually one of these two:  My (son, daughter, husband, friend) was arrested for shoplifting.  They’ve never even had so much as a traffic ticket and now they’re facing criminal charges.   Or – I’ve been accused of stealing […]

Is a petty theft/shoplifting charge a big deal?

Don’t be fooled by the name of the crime – “petty” theft.  It is a misdemeanor that carries up to six months in jail and a fine of $1,000. But there’s more…  If you are convicted of any theft offense – petty theft, burglary, auto theft or grand theft to name a few, that conviction […]

My son was arrested for misdemeanor shoplifting. Now he faces felony burglary charges. How did that happen?

Burglary is when a person enters a building with the intent to steal or commit a felony inside. The prosecution must feel they have evidence to show your son’s intent to steal before he entered the store. If they cannot show that intent, the burglary charge must be dismissed.  Since burglary is a felony and […]