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Orange County DUI checkpoints December 2012

. The Orange County Sheriff’s Department has announced this year’s upcoming DUI checkpoint dates and locations. ¬†They are also conducting extra “saturation patrols” and making an effort to serve outstanding DUI arrest warrants over this month. For information about your rights and DUI checkpoints, see the following links: What to do when pulled over for […]

Arrested for DUI? What are your first steps? Orange County Defense

Law enforcement in Orange County was in full swing over the holiday period with DUI checkpoints, “saturation” patrols and being on high alert for suspected DUI drivers. If you found yourself caught up in a checkpoint or were pulled over and are now facing DUI charges, I’m sure you’re asking – Now what? First – […]

What Happens at the First Court Appearance

An arraignment is the first step in a criminal proceeding. If the District Attorney has filed charges, this is the first appearance a defendant has to make in front of the Court. It is the time the accused is told of the charges filed against him. A defendant will be asked to enter a plea […]