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Court date in Orange County but can’t be there? What do you do?

. I can’t be there at my court date!  What do I do? If you have an upcoming date in court for a misdemeanor criminal case, but you cannot appear on that date, what do you do?  For example, let’s say you have a family vacation planned, booked and paid for months in advance, but […]

Resisting Arrest – Orange County Defense Attorney

Resisting Arrest – Penal Code section 148(a)(1) The crime of “resisting arrest” is covered in Penal Code section 148(a).  It is a misdemeanor to willfully and unlawfully “resist, obstruct or delay” an officer in the performance or attempted performance of their duties.  If convicted, the maximum possible sentence is up to one year in county […]

Driving on a suspended license (Vehicle Code section 14601) – Orange County

Vehicle Code 14601 (Driving on a suspended license) cases: The California Vehicle Code makes it illegal to drive while your license is suspended by the DMV.  The possible penalties (fines, jail time, etc) depend on why your license was suspended, what specific code section you’re charged with, whether or not you can get your license […]

How do I bail somebody out in Orange County, CA?

Once somebody is arrested and booked into jail on criminal charges, a bail amount will be set.  In Orange County, there is a bail schedule that is generally followed unless there are factors to increase or decrease the bail – or in some cases allow a defendant to be released on their written promise to […]

Somebody was just arrested in Orange County. Should I bail them out?

Your loved one is in jail and it’s your duty to bail them out, or is it? I hope you never have the unfortunate experience of having your phone ring in the night only to discover your spouse, significant other, parent,  child or other family member is in jail. Your knee-jerk reaction may be to […]