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What can’t I bail them out of jail? Orange County criminal “no bail” holds

Questions about posting bail? Recently, I was asked why a person couldn’t be bailed out of jail.  The follow-up question was, “I thought you were innocent until proven guilty?”   You’re right – there is the presumption of innocence in almost every aspect of criminal law, but when it comes to setting bail, the judge […]

How to check to see if you have an arrest warrant in Orange County

Everything is online these days. You can search online for arrest warrants through the Orange County Sheriff’s Department “eServices” website. Arrest warrant check in Orange County Note that this may not be 100% accurate, since it may not include all bench warrants that were recently issued or ones that have not yet hit the computer […]

How do I bail somebody out in Orange County, CA?

Once somebody is arrested and booked into jail on criminal charges, a bail amount will be set.  In Orange County, there is a bail schedule that is generally followed unless there are factors to increase or decrease the bail – or in some cases allow a defendant to be released on their written promise to […]

Orange County DUI Checkpoints – Fourth of July weekend

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department announced today their “Holiday Weekend Crackdown” on drunk drivers.  They say they will be out with an “aggressive DUI enforcement policy.”  They are also conducting a DUI checkpoint in the city of Mission Viejo Friday, July 3rd from 7 p.m. until 3 a.m.  The specific location within the city was […]

Somebody was just arrested in Orange County. Should I bail them out?

Your loved one is in jail and it’s your duty to bail them out, or is it? I hope you never have the unfortunate experience of having your phone ring in the night only to discover your spouse, significant other, parent,  child or other family member is in jail. Your knee-jerk reaction may be to […]