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DUI Checkpoint tonight in Orange County (December 20, 2012)

Checkpoint in Westminster tonight As previously announced, there will be a DUI and Driver’s License checkpoint tonight in Westminster from 7:00 pm until 3:00 tomorrow morning.  The specific location hasn’t been announced, but you can be pretty sure it will be on a major road.  There are certain procedures the police must follow in setting […]

Orange County DUI checkpoints December 2012

. The Orange County Sheriff’s Department has announced this year’s upcoming DUI checkpoint dates and locations.  They are also conducting extra “saturation patrols” and making an effort to serve outstanding DUI arrest warrants over this month. For information about your rights and DUI checkpoints, see the following links: What to do when pulled over for […]

Fourth of July Orange County DUI checkpoints and patrols

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department has just announced the upcoming DUI checkpoints and “saturation patrols” for the upcoming July 4th holiday period.  Here is the information on what they’re planning: DUI Checkpoint – Placentia Wednesday, July 4, 2012, the Placentia Police Department will be conducting a DUI/Driver’s license checkpoint from 6:00 pm until 2:00 am. […]

Some standard questions about DUI cases…

Why did they arrest me for DUI? Often, people are arrested for DUI and are absolutely perplexed why.  They don’t know why they were pulled over, don’t know what their blood alcohol results were, think they did well in the field sobriety tests, were never read their Miranda rights and yet there they are – […]

DUI Checkpoint in Laguna Woods February 24, 2012

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department has announced a DUI checkpoint “Traffic Safety Checkpoint” (but we all know what that means) in Laguna Woods for today, February 24, 2012.  The planned hours are from 6:30 until 2:30 tomorrow morning. Knowing that they’ll be out there – how do you protect yourself?  Here are some guidelines about […]