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Court date in Orange County but can’t be there? What do you do?

. I can’t be there at my court date!  What do I do? If you have an upcoming date in court for a misdemeanor criminal case, but you cannot appear on that date, what do you do?  For example, let’s say you have a family vacation planned, booked and paid for months in advance, but […]

What is a preliminary hearing?

If you are arrested for a felony in California, the question that is probably going through your head is, “Now what happens to me?”  Unless you make bail, you will remain in custody throughout your court case.  Your first court appearance is the arraignment.  (See this post for more information on the arraignment.)  After that, […]

I have a court date for arraignment – now what?

I have discussed what happens at the first court appearance and what an arraignment is.  The question still remains – what do you do if you’re facing a criminal charge and about to be arraigned on the charges? The criminal justice system is now in full effect.  Yes, you have the right to represent yourself, […]