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What can’t I bail them out of jail? Orange County criminal “no bail” holds

Questions about posting bail? Recently, I was asked why a person couldn’t be bailed out of jail.  The follow-up question was, “I thought you were innocent until proven guilty?”   You’re right – there is the presumption of innocence in almost every aspect of criminal law, but when it comes to setting bail, the judge […]

Drunk in Public – PC 647(f) [Lessons from Christina Aguilera]

Not to jump on the “post about celebrities” bandwagon, but just to use a recent arrest as an example… Singer Christina Aguilera was arrested in West Hollywood in the early morning hours March 1, 2011.  According to press reports, her boyfriend Matt Rutler was stopped and arrested for DUI.  She was subsequently arrested for a […]

Defending yourself against false accusations

I practice law in Orange County and all southern California courts, but I follow legal news about criminal law from around the country.  I’m still shaking my head over an article I read a couple of weeks ago.  In Connecticut, a substitute teacher faced up to 40 years in prison for showing pornography images to […]