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Arrested in Orange County – why am I getting letters from lawyers?

What you’re getting is commonly referred to as “jail mail.” Unfortunately, you got arrested and either got released with a court date coming up or you posted bail with a date to appear in the future.  Now, your mailbox is flooded with letters from lawyers and law firms. That “jail mail” comes from attorneys that […]

What is a Bench Warrant?

I just found out I have a Bench Warrant for my arrest! What does that mean? Simply put, a bench warrant is a warrant for your arrest issued by a judge not necessarily for new charges, but because you either didn’t do something you were supposed to do or you did something you were ordered […]

How much will my husband/wife/son/daughter/fiancee get?

The top question asked is always what somebody is “looking at” for their charges. There’s so much more than just the charges.  I can tell you what the maximum sentence is and if there are any mandatory minimums, but from there…. Every case is unique. A plea sentence (or a sentence after a conviction at […]

Court date in Orange County but can’t be there? What do you do?

. I can’t be there at my court date!  What do I do? If you have an upcoming date in court for a misdemeanor criminal case, but you cannot appear on that date, what do you do?  For example, let’s say you have a family vacation planned, booked and paid for months in advance, but […]

Stages of a Criminal Trial

What are the basic stages of a criminal trial in California? Pre-Trial Motions First – before the case even gets to trial, there may be motions run that can dramatically change the evidence, charges and even possibly get the entire case dismissed. 995 Motion – if the case is a felony, a motion to challenge […]