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Shoplifting and Civil Demand letters – Audio Podcast

Please click to play:   Transcript of audio: Hi. This is Orange County defense attorney Joe Dane.   Today I’m going to talk about shoplifting and civil demand letters.   If you were detained or accused of shoplifting in a store, one of two things may have happened: They could have called the police. If you […]

Arrested for shoplifting? Here are the possible charges

There isn’t really one charge of “shoplifting” in the California Penal Code.  There are theft charges and other related crimes on the books. First – Petty Theft (Penal Code 484 and 488) In general, theft is defined in Penal Code 484.  From there, theft is classified under a different code section depending on the dollar […]

Theft case – What if the stolen items are returned? Can they still press charges?

Theft charges and returning the property taken when asked by the police A question was asked the other day:  “My Friend was arrested for Grand theft. He stole from a person who he worked for, but they found out about through the nanny cams they had in their home. The owners contacted my friend along […]

Receiving stolen property [Penal Code Section 496(a)] – Orange County defense

Receiving Stolen Property in Orange County What are the elements? Penal Code section 496, commonly known as receiving or possessing stolen property, falls under the broad category of theft charges, but there are a couple of twists.  First, in a theft case, the prosecution must prove that you took something with a specific intent to […]

Residential Burglary (Penal Code section 459) – Orange County

There are two degrees of burglary in California – first degree for residential burglary and second degree for all others. Residential burglary, sometimes commonly referred to as “breaking and entering,” is the unauthorized entry into a residence (which can include things like motel rooms, apartments and condominiums as well as single family houses) with the […]