Fingerprint evidence found to be faulty

From the Los Angeles Times website, an article from October 17, 2008 exposed at least two people wrongly accused of a crime based on improper fingerprint comparison.  An internal report was obtained by the LA Times that brought to light the cases where charges were eventually dropped after it was determined that the fingerprints from a crime scene did not match the people charged with the crime.  Several “matches” , which were supposed to be double-checked by another fingerprint analyst, were just being approved without actually being compared.

While you would hope that even one analyst hired by the police would be accurate, it makes matters even worse when the checks and balances in place are ignored.  These fingerprint analysts routinely come to court and testify about conclusive matches, claiming to link a defendant to a crime scene.

Every bit of evidence should be scrutinized thoroughly.  Whether it be fingerprint analysis, DNA evidence, eyewitness testimony or blood alcohol levels, just because the prosecution says something is so doesn’t necessarily make it that way.  Protect yourself and your freedom.

The entire LA Times article can be found here.

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