DUI “Roving Patrols” out tonight in Orange County

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department has issued a press release announcing they will be conducting “DUI roving patrols” tonight in the cities of Lake Forest, Mission Viejo and Rancho Santa Margarita.

Just calling something a “DUI enforcement action” doesn’t mean there are relaxed rules for the police to follow.  In order to pull somebody over, they must have a “reasonable suspicion” that criminal activity is occurring.  They will usually point to a violation of any of the Vehicle Codes (crossing lane markers, speeding, etc.) as the reason to stop you.  It doesn’t necessarily have to be “bad driving” though.  With extra deputies patrolling tonight, you can be sure they’ll be looking for any infraction as a reason to pull drivers over and investigate.  With the new laws about hands free driving and no texting while driving, the police are now armed with all sorts of weapons to use.

Why not level the playing field?  Of course, the best course of conduct is to not drink and drive.  If you are the target of a traffic stop by these roving patrols, keep your rights in mind.  Click here to read an article I wrote about field sobriety tests and your right not to answer questions or participate in field sobriety tests.  You can find general information about police interaction in this article, as well as general information about DUI here.

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