You have the right to remain silent – Use it!

File this under the category of what NOT to do when arrested for DUI.  Charles Barkley was recently arrested for DUI in Arizona.  As if that wasn’t bad enough, the media is now reporting that the reason he gave for running a stop sign that led to being pulled over was that he was anxious to get oral sex from his passenger.  As an added bonus, Barkley is reported to have told an employee at the police station that he would “tattoo their name on his ass” if they would help him “get out of the DUI.”

Mr. Barkley could have done well to follow the advice I’ve previously posted.  In California, field sobriety tests are voluntary.  You don’t have to submit to anything except an official chemical test to determine your blood alcohol level if you are arrested for DUI.  You can decline to answer questions.  Even though the police do not necessarily have to read you your Miranda rights during the DUI investigation, it doesn’t mean you have to incriminate yourself.

And I’m sure he regrets it now, but . . . trying to bribe a police employee to get you out of criminal charges?  Not highly recommended.  The full story on TMZ is here.

More about the Miranda rights can be found here, here and here.

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