Arrested for DUI? What are your first steps? Orange County Defense

Law enforcement in Orange County was in full swing over the holiday period with DUI checkpoints, “saturation” patrols and being on high alert for suspected DUI drivers.

If you found yourself caught up in a checkpoint or were pulled over and are now facing DUI charges, I’m sure you’re asking – Now what?

First – you only have 10 days from the date of your arrest to request a hearing with the DMV or they will automatically suspend your license for4 months.  By requesting a hearing, we can put the automatic suspension on hold until we get things sorted out.  That pink piece of paper they gave you tells you about the hearing, but the one thing the DMV is strict on is the 10-day window to at least request the hearing.

Next – there may be things we discuss about your case that can change things, even before we go to court on the DUI charges.  In addition to the sneak preview of the evidence we’ll get from the DMV, there can be defense investigation into the legality of the stop, the field sobriety tests interpretation, etc. If there were errors in the investigation, it can lead to suppression of the evidence and/or a reduction in charges.  Every case is unique, so we’ll need to discuss it in detail.  Based on my experience as a former cop and former prosecutor, we’re going to look at your case from all sides – legal defenses, factual defenses and ways to lessen the impact against you.

If your arrest was recently, don’t let that DMV window close.  Give me a call and we can talk about your case and where we’re going from here.

Joe Dane

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