Free towing on New Year’s Eve – avoid a DUI

With all the upcoming DUI checkpoints, saturation patrols and extra law enforcement focus on finding potential DUI drivers this year, be safe this holiday season.

If you’ve been drinking, obviously the best course is not to drive.  The Auto Club (AAA) is offering free towing (up to 7 miles) for anyone that wants the service from 6 pm New Year’s Eve until 6 am New Year’s Day.

Call (800) 400-4AAA [(800) 400-4222] and tell them you need a “Tipsy Tow”.

They’ll take the driver (sorry, no passengers) up to 7 miles back home.  If you’re further, you can pay the extra distance fees at the tow driver’s going rate.

Better safe than sorry – print this page and stick in your pocket before you head out.

Joe Dane

Orange County Defense Attorney

( 714) 532-3600

For more about the “Tipsy Tow” program, see this link:  Auto Club Offers Tipsy Tow Service