How to check to see if you have an arrest warrant in Orange County

Everything is online these days.

You can search online for arrest warrants through the Orange County Sheriff’s Department “eServices” website.

Arrest warrant check in Orange County

Note that this may not be 100% accurate, since it may not include all bench warrants that were recently issued or ones that have not yet hit the computer database.

And of course – the big question…  If you find out that a warrant has been issued for your arrest, what do you do?

First – what is the warrant for?  Is it for a new case that has been filed against you?  Were you the subject of an investigation?  Did you miss a court date?  Is this based on a probation violation?

Warrants do not go away until they are served and you’re arrested or until a judge recalls the warrant.  If you know about a warrant, it’s always better to address the situation rather than wait until you’re arrested.  If bail becomes necessary, often it can be arranged where you never have to set foot in a jail cell and you can be released from the courtroom after appearing in front of the judge.  Depending on the circumstances of the warrant, it may be able to be recalled without you appearing at all. (See Bail in Orange County for additional information)

If there is a warrant for you, let me know if I can help.

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