If you have been accused of a crime…

It could be anything from a misdemeanor to a felony – petty theft to homicide or anything in between.  Someone has accused you of a crime.  Whether or not the police were contacted at that time, the possibility of being charged with a crime exists.  What do you do?

My suggestion to you is this:  Don’t wait until charges are filed.  Contact an attorney to represent you.  Do not agree to any “investigative” procedures the police may want you to do.  They are trying to build a case against you.  Even if you are 100% confident that you did not do what they say you did, you risk having whatever you say used against you.

So what should you do?  Contact a defense attorney to protect your interests.  You’re facing the collective powers of the police and the district attorney to investigate and prosecute allegations of criminal conduct.  By contacting an attorney to fight for your interests, you are not alone against the system.  If you contact me, I can intervene on your behalf.  I have private investigators available to gather evidence the police may have overlooked.  I know the elements of the crimes alleged.  With that knowledge, there is the possibility that charges are never filed against you by showing the prosecutor that the case isn’t what it seems.  Don’t fight the system by yourself.  Your freedom and your reputation are at risk.

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