Teaching at Solo Practice University

Today, I was announced as the latest in a growing number of working attorneys that are on the faculty at Solo Practice University – a truly unique resource that reflects today’s legal practice.

Solo Practice University (SPU) is a much-needed bridge between where you are (law student or attorney at a large firm) and where you want to be – a solo practitioner.  When I was a prosecutor thinking about making the switch and hanging out my own shingle, I followed Susan Cartier Liebel’s blog, “Build a Solo Practice.”  Even though I had been practicing for over 12 years, I was essentially starting over.  Not from the law standpoint, but from the business side.  I asked a few defense attorney friends in confidence about setting up a practice and they were invaluable.  When I saw Susan’s post asking for faculty to join SPU, I didn’t hesitate to offer what I could.  It’s my way of giving back.  Now, instead of lunch with a group of buddies, I get to have a virtual lunch with the entire faculty and student body of SoloPractice U.

I look forward to it all.  Can you pass the salt?

Faculty @ SPU

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